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    Alexander Tep

    This article contains absolutely no information on how to upload items by CSV. It just talks about various things relating to CSV upload. Having read the article I still have no idea how to upload items from CSV. Where do I click to bulk upload items? No idea.

    Frankly, upload from CSV should always be available without charge - or for a one-time feature unlock fee, not a fee per seller. My sellers are very large and have hundreds of products to load when onboarding. They also need to rapidly and frequently change their pricing for many items at a time. They cannot be expected to do this one-by-one and they must be able to do this on demand, without having to pay each time. Unless there is an easy way to do this; or to build a plugin that allows this, Arcadier is useless to me, and to many of your other customers who serve large sellers. Can you explain why there is a fee for this?

    Almost everything else about Arcadier is great, but if you can sort this tiny thing out, you'll be able to retain many of your customers like me and those in this discussion: https://support.arcadier.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360019170614-Uploading-products-via-csv-file

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