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Error uploading SSL Certificate



  • Dan

    I too am experiencing this issue - I have an active ticket containing the PFX file & passphrase open with them in the hope that they will manually install it.


  • Brendan

    I finally got this resolved by logging a ticket - and the back end support people added my cert -  but it took them 5 days

  • Abidmrafiq20

    Hello Brendan & Dan, 

    Can you guys help me answering my query:

    There are actually 2 domains on which my site is working.

    Arcadier Based:

    Custom Domain:

    I just want to disable the Arcadier based domain, so that site is not accessible from Arcadier Domain, but as I can that while moving through pages from custom domain URL, it sometimes navigates to Arcadier based domain.  Is there any way that I can just redirect all the request from Arcadier based domain to my custom domain.


    Your reply would be appreciatable, Thanks in advance.


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