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No payment methods option




  • Official comment
    Arcadier Support

    Hi all,

    With regards to operating a markeplace without a payment method at the initial phase, you can do so by using Stripe in test mode. 

    As shown in the screenshot below, you can obtain your keys while in "Test Mode" on your Stripe admin. Using our default Stripe integration, you can onboard test sellers without additional Stripe accounts and make payments without a valid card.

    However, should you require a cash on delivery payment method for your service marketplace, you can hire custom coders to integrate it for you.

  • Arcadier Support

    Thanks for this feedback! We have a template in our roadmap that caters to this, and we're building towards that template. At this time, you have a payment option called 'cash on delivery' in the retail template for marketplaces which wish to transact offline instead. You can learn more about that at this link.

  • Mher Khachatryan

    Thanks for your response! Can we know when this option will be available in the services template? Can customers rate the sellers when they choose this option?

    We are basically waiting such kind of solution to launch our marketplace.

  • Thao

    hope this template will come very soon

  • Leila

    Same here. 


    I like this platform but I feel like it's not targeted towards entrepreneurs. There are hurdles that seem to be a simple fix that would make Arcadier a million time better. But first the company needs to understand its customer. The arcadier customer is a VERY young entrepreneurial startup -- so it is very important to be able to change the commission fee easily, to give discounts, to try "no payment" at first to test the service or product, so select specific segments, to,to, to etc

    I wish I could talk to the Arcadier CEO and tell him/her all this. Because these features could help make or break the business when so young. Sellers will get bored with "this is not available."

  • Ivan Orozco

    Helle there,

    is there a deadline for the mentioned template?


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