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    The API has many limitations and so far I have not found many benefits since I have upgraded:


    You can't add location to the search bar. Is a service marketplace! My visitors won't be able to find the services needed in their region.

    You can't have a search feature for sellers as opposed to listings. The search bar find only EXACT words.

    You can't change sellers to show on homepage as opposed to Listings

    Any change in API or pulling different API to the code will cause the site to be extremely slow

    You can't have "retrieve Username" coded into site. Which the site has a lot of log-in errors.


    Is super limited. I was told I could do  almost anything once I would upgraded. No, since I have upgraded all I hear is that "I can't do" things and I am spending a lot of time back and forth with developers trying to understand the supposedly freedom to customize my site.  Instead of being able to focus on my business.  With the money and time I have spent here I would already created this platform separately on my own.

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