Ability to have calendar integrations with ICalendar
28 votes 12 comments
Sellers must be able to review buyers
28 votes 6 comments
Promotional Codes / Discount Codes Completed
27 votes 19 comments
Ability to prevent sellers/listers from using their email address as their 'Display Name' Completed
25 votes 11 comments
Multiple Currencies
25 votes 20 comments
Different commission Planned
23 votes 14 comments
Hiding the delivery segment for Services/Rentals marketplace Completed
23 votes 16 comments
Location search Planned
20 votes 19 comments
Member Account Delete Process
20 votes 13 comments
We should be able to delete users from our markeplace Planned
16 votes 7 comments
Allow for multiple booking quantities on a singular booking in rental and services templates Planned
16 votes 20 comments
Ability to read messages in emails without need to login
15 votes 4 comments
Customize sign up form to add more information Planned
15 votes 1 comment
More versatile chat with features like uploading a contract, copying text, sending images
14 votes 4 comments
Review of a buyer
13 votes 5 comments
Image Upload Size Recomendation For Buyers and Sellers
13 votes 3 comments
Zapier and APIs
13 votes 6 comments
Cancellations and refunds in the service marketplace Completed
12 votes 1 comment
A template that allows selling of products and scheduling of services
12 votes 6 comments
Email notification customization and design Completed
12 votes 2 comments
Featured Listings
11 votes 6 comments
Adding INTERNAL pages and a Blog page Completed
11 votes 3 comments
The ability to manually add reviews for my merchant
11 votes 3 comments