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Buyer negotiating the same service second time



  • Official comment
    Arcadier Support

    Hi Konrad,

    Good day! We appreciate the time you have spent to connect with us and your insightful commentary on the marketplace, which leads us to a new perspective on available opportunities within the entire platform. 

    As we take your feedback into great consideration, we would love to connect with you personally to gain more information that will help us adequately implement a solution.

    We encourage you to formally submit a ticket, or reach us at Also, any additional suggestions you may have would be welcome.



    Carl from Arcadier

  • Konrad Tw

    Hi Carl,

    thanks a lot for your answer. I would be very happy to reach to you personally, I am happy to share the experience and to discuss the options.

    I must say he communication with you guys is very difficult. I tried with couple of times but either I receive no answer or it is with very limited information.
    I take it as a sign of good will from you Carl and will try to reach the support team via this e-mail again. I hope I can get the answer back this time.

    And thanks for considering this issue I find it very disappointing so fixing it could help many people in the platform. Appreciated that you replied with offers to help.

    Looking forward to your answer,
    Best regards,

  • Rene

    I have to agree.  It would seem to me that booking for a new date or time creates it's own thread via option to start a new conversation vs. open most recent conversation.  For data savings, perhaps there could be an option to auto close (Expire) threads after a certain number of days with no offer acceptance..



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