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Contact seller feature - how to disactivate?


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  • Arcadier Support

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately there isn't a built-in feature to remove the contact seller option for buyers. However, some of our users were able to achieve this with custom coding.

    You may scope this with your developers, if you have your own partners, so they could work on its implementation. Otherwise, you can also check out the list of our Development partners who can help you out with your coding needs.

    We understand that it's causing inconvenience at your end. We hope you understand that as we try to include as many customisation capabilities as we can, we're not able to build every features raised. 

    No doubt, we value your feedback and will take note for future consideration. Should a system update regarding this issue be released, we will keep our customers posted. 



    Alvin from Arcadier


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