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Buyer commission - To be able to charge the buyer a commission



  • Gillo Floodlight

    I would rather have a split commission ie. a commission taken within the price defined by the seller, pkus a commission paid by the customer.
    - price set by the seller = $100
    - commission on seller =10%
    - commission on buyer = 2.5%

    --> Total paid by the customer = $102.5
    --> Total to the seller = $90
    --> Total to the admin = $12.5

  • Boris

    I would rather have a split comission too. This would be very ideal.

  • Lionel HANNEQUIN

    Getting buyers to pay a commission is very tricky. Especially if it is mentioned. Unless it must be said that the commission is divided in two for example for the financial survival of sellers on the platform according to the values ​​of the company. But putting a commission on sellers may be a way to lose a lot of customers, who could take it very badly. You don't think so?

  • Adrian

    I would like to have an option to define a commission as this: 5% Marketplace Fee, 3% Processing Fee, +.50 cents



  • Sebastian Schnülle

    A split commission would be great!


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