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Landing Page - Adding video URL mp4 error



  • Joe M

    To add - I downloaded a free .mp4 video as suggest from    and uploaded it to youtube.

    I got the same error.  

    Oddly enough, i found out that if I superficially add ".mp4" at the end of the link in arcadier - it will save.  However, since the link from both vimeo or youtube does not incldue .mp4 in the url link - it points to nowhere.  But it gets passed the error issue......

    My thinking is that there is a bug in how the landing page feature checks if the video is an mp4 by having the .mp4 extension in the URL - but there are no service providers (main ones vimeo & youtube) that would provide a link like that.


  • Chad

    Same here

  • Arcadier Support

    Hey guys, you can get the MP4 link from straight by right clicking on the selected video on and copying the video link. The link should look something like this: 

    Check out this screenshot for how:

  • Aligiannis Vas;ilis


    No, the link is not like that.

    it doesn't work


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