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Add MangoPay as a payment partner for Escrow Capabilities



  • Nico

    That would be a huge improvement to the marketplace indeed!

    I also need to setup escrow payment for my marketplace.

    This will help secure the business for all and it will create additional trust.

    It will also be the most effective incentive for Buyers to make payments inside the marketplace versus outside. 

    >>Overall, Buyers + Sellers + Marketplace admin + Arcadier would be winning with the use of such a feature, as it would mean more trust and more transactions inside the marketplace. Hence, it is strategic for all.


    @Arcadier: Is this something that is already on your roadmap? (whether it is with MangoPay or PayPal or Stripe...?)


    >> Everyone: please upvote if you would like this feature as well. Upvoting is a good way to promote the implementation of that feature.

  • Yahaya Mohammed

    I believe so too... Escrow is the future of every marketplace.

  • NauNau Market

    I agree, may I ask you guys what kind of payment methods you are using now ? I use paypal but when people see paypal for the checkout page they don't understand why this is the only way to pay, while it is not, we can also pay by card through paypal..

  • Nico

    Using PayPal and Stripe. But so far all my sellers have onboarded with PayPal exclusively.


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