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Buyer and Seller Accounts Issue



  • Sheryl

    I have been contacting Arcadier since late Sep with my seller and buyer account issue. After countless email exchanges and a con-call, I thought my issue is going to get resolved. 

    To put it more correctly, it is your platform issue. 


    I don't want to say anything more. I WANT A REFUND!

  • Sheryl

    the last con-call was on 30 Oct... I patiently waited.. nothing came.. so you sell a platform and does not care if anything is breaking for your customer? 

    2 months has passed since i first brought up this issue. Nothing is done, except pointing me in all directions. I paid USD59 a month to use your platform and I do not even get a proper working marketplace. 

    Totally lose faith. Please refund me the remaining subscription. 



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