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Homepage and SEO Concerns



  • Charles

    Seems like the recent update "fixed" this, glad that it was worked out.


    I have another suggestion that will not just help with SEO (I assume) but also user experience.


    Right now the entire site title is whichever set by us, including listing pages. For example "ABC - Best website" throughtout the entire platform.


    It would be better if viewing listings, the title can be reflected for example "ABC - Listing 1" instead if not it might be confusing for users whom have multiple pages opened.




  • Jon

    ^ This is a major issue with the platform. I have just started a trial and I'm really dissapointed to discover:

    - Page titles are duplicate and not editable (e.g categories)
    - Same for meta descriptions
    - Unable to add text to categories.

    My business model relies on achieving rankings and getting traffic to encourage vendors to the marketplace. Unfortunately I'm unable to use this platform while the SEO settings are non existent. 


  • Charles

    Would like to suggests having the option to add "add-ons that are counted by days", eg adding a GPS device for $10 a day and it will calculate $40 if the user is booking for 4 days, instead of a one-off add on pricing.


    Minimum booking days/hours would be useful also, so they can accept only bookings for 2 hours or more or 3 days or more for example.

  • Nico

    Yes, please this is a must have.


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