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List of items In Admin Panel displayed/filtered as most recent




  • Official comment
    Arcadier Support

    Hi all,

    In our latest release, we have re-designed the way in which the list of items are displayed and filtered in your admin portal. You are now able to sort the items by name, date created, and date updated! Additionally, you are also able to filter the item list to show only the items you want to see. 

  • Nico


    This would also help keeping track easily of new listings as they are published. 

    Personally, in my marketplace I designed a workflow that allows only "pre-vetted" sellers to publish listings. Basically, I remove any listings that are potentially published by non-vetted sellers, until the vetting process is completed. 

    As a result, it would be greatly useful to filter listings by newest/ oldest in order to optimise the admin user experience.


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