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Photos resolution in listings is too low




  • Official comment
    Arcadier Support

    Hi all,

    Thank you for all the feedback and comments, we really appreciate them and do hope to address all your issues as soon as we can.
    Regarding the image issue, we have an article here explaining more on the quality control of it and why the downsampling of images occur and how to prevent it

    We also understand that some marketplace use-cases require a lower compression, something that is also addressed at the end of the article.

    We hope that the information has been useful and do let us know if there are still any questions or issues around this!


  • V Beryl

    I completely agree. I have been evaluating multiple platforms to launch my Online Dress Rental marketplace, and the image compression is coming up to be a deal-breaker for me. No other competitor site does this, since its understood that things sell online based on images. 

    Overall Arcadier offers a very simplified and classy experience, but really Image management needs attention!

  • Nico

    Thanks Beryl for your feedback as well.

    In the world of Instagram, I am finding out that MANY people are able to sell products or services especially because they pay a lot of attention into the quality of the images that they use to advertise.

    It would definitely help all of us to have high quality resolution for all the pictures that are displayed on the marketplace listings.

    The gap between the quality of the pictures between our marketplaces and Instagram for instance is way too big. 

    In the era of HD, ultra HD and so on, I believe it is strategic for us to show high resolution pictures on our marketplaces.

    I hope this will be taken into account on the Arcadier road map.

    It's a win / win for all of us.

  • V Beryl

    Nico, I just heard back from Arcadier reg a support ticket I raised with them about it. They've basically said they will NOT improve image management (so images will continue to be compressed).

    "We are sorry to hear this from you. It was a decision taht was made because we found that a majority of our users wanted a website that loaded fast. As such, we have decided to make this a priority of our platform which unfortunately means images are automatically scaled down...." and so forth!

    How can you do that to images in this day & age!?

    What is baffling is that I uploaded a 300KB image and they compressed that too! At least a 1MB limit for non-compression would be a great way to balance things out. 

    Shame I will not be hosting with them as a consequence. I did like their overall appeal otherwise.  

  • Nico

    Thanks for your comment Beryl. This is not great news...


    However, I believe it is still possible to achieve BOTH goals

    1) A website that loads FAST


    2) High quality pictures.


    Here is how:

    1) On the listings preview => pictures can be loaded as "compressed" pictures/low definition.

    2) Users should have the ability to CLICK on the pictures so the pictures open in a preview popup window in HIGH definition. It is only at that moment that the website will take a bit of time to load. But this will not affect the speed of the website whenever users open the listings in step 1).

    No need to reinvent the wheel here. 


    Anyway, the speed of the internet connection of users is constantly improving: from 3G to 4G and 5G coming soon; and wifi speed is constantly being improved. So, the compromise of a fast website versus high quality of pictures is less ans less consistent. Especially when at the same time, visual effects are more and more privileged by any websites and apps: Instagram, Airbnb,

    This is very basic thinking...


    Again, the pictures that the users upload in their listings are THE BEST sales argument that they have.

    There is a DIRECT correlation between the quality of pictures and the volume of sales on any website.

    Think of 2 similar products on Amazon for instance: would you rather purchase the one that is featured in a listing with poor pictures; or would you purchase the one that is featured in a listing with great quality pictures?


    >>> Please Arcadier: would you please reconsider? This is definitely strategic for all marketplace types: products, service, rental.


    >>> Please let us know what you think. Will be much appreciated.



  • Jacques van den Berg

    Whilst speed is an important consideration, some products require a great deal amount of scrutiny. In the case of which has over 30,000 unique products, images are what sells the product. So we allow our dealers to upload 4K images, and we have a media server running on AWS to serve the image at the resolution required for a particular device, so if a user then decides to zoom in, then he can do so, without affecting the overall performance of the site. It seems Arcadier is still some way off from being able to deal with this.

  • Denys Giordano

    Hello ! 

    We are in 2020 and the resolution for profile picture is still very low. 

    I onboarded my first partner on the platform and this is the first thing she noticed. It's obvious that you can't sell if you don't have high quality image. 

    Are you planning to do something about it please ? 


  • Emma

    I'm in total agreement that the image resolution is too low. Images sell products and this is a huge downside to this selling platform. Everything else seems great - so adaptable to fit different needs, but really let down by image quality.

    Please can you resolve this



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