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API is very limited. Customer service does not respond.



  • C. SMITH

    Meanwhile, they're hosting Inspire.

  • Arcadier Support

    Hi Lizet,

    This is Joseph from the Arcadier core team,

    We understand that your business uses a requires user flow from what our standard platform offers with custom user fields.

    With the APIs, it is something that helps open the door to more possibilities from the standard platform which is what you are looking for.

    While the wait for a reply can be arduous, we do ask for your patience to understand that we are trying the support all our customers to the best of our ability. I understand that you have 2 open issues:
    - one of which is the issues that your developer is facing in not understanding how to use the APIs.
    - Issues with the reset email EDM (which was logged 8th July)

    Regarding API issues, the cs team is equipped to handle standard product questions as any customisations above it are not covered by the terms of use. 
    However, we do want to see your business succeed as well which is why on Friday 6th July 2018, I understand from the team that we had already went ahead and contacted one of your developers, Miguel, and had set up a call to walk him through the issues that he would have with the APIs. The chat group is still open and he was noted to welcome any questions for us to assit him through there. Perhaps if you are still utilising other developers you can bring them to our knowledge so that we can better assist them there. 

    For the Reset password issue, it seems to be working on our end after a quick check. However I have instructed the guys to get back to you again on higher priority as the ticket is still within our 2 working days reply policy. They will work with you to understand what exactly went wrong with those issues for your marketplace.

    I can understand your disappointments that your business is still facing some roadblocks before reaching the level you want it to be at. We do ask for your patience and understanding. It is also in our best interests that our customers are able to have the best platform to launch their business.



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