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Impossible to login when a user does not complete the Seller on-boarding process



  • Arcadier Support

    Hi Nico, 

    Thank you for pointing the issue out! We are aware of the situation and have already fixed the issue on our backend. However, this fix would only go 'live' during the next push either at end of May or beginning of June! In the meantime, the fix would be to manually complete the onboarding process for your sellers by login into their respective accounts from your admin portal and clicking 'Save'. 

    We are aware that some of our users may have mandatory payment methods that would require you to log into your respective accounts for Stripe, Omise and Paypal. As such, we recommend making these payment gateways non-mandatory in the meantime for the purpose of completing the seller onboarding process for your users.  

  • Nico

    Thank you for the update on this. Much appreciated.

  • Lizz

    I was having the same issue and was very frustrated because I had no idea what was causing it. I thought it was an issue with registration process. I am glad to hear it has been fixed now.

  • Nico

    Hi Lizz,

    Just fyi, as of today (June 4th), this issue is still outstanding. But it is my understanding that it will be resolved during the next monthly push that is scheduled for the coming days. We have to be patient until then... At least now you know what is causing the issue...

    --> Please upvote this topic above, so that it will remain a priority ;)



  • Nico

    Fyi, I have the impression that this issue has now been resolved 100% with the May push!

  • Lizz

    Great! I am about to test mine this weekend. I am glad to hear it sounds promising. I would have had to go to another platform if this would have not been resolved.

  • Lizz

    Is this still happening? I am getting users that get frustrated because they first create an account and plan to later fill profile and later they can't log in anymore. 

    I am also finding that I myself can't reset my own password for some of the test account I have, I reset and it gives me an error when I try to log in again. Also seems I can log in if I remember my username but not I don't, then the 'Reset password" does not work.

    This is a serious problem. How can business function with this basic technical features do not work?


  • Arcadier Support

    Hi Lizet,

    We apologise that you are facing difficulties using the platform.

    We did do a quick investigation on your complaints and our findings are as follows, also for the reference of everyone on this issue.

    Logging in without completing sign-up
    This issue has already been solved as of previous update, users who have no completed seller onboarding can still login to complete the onboarding, or even access other pages.

    Reset Password

    As seen below, the system can send a recovery email to the specified email OR username

    While we do understand someone may lose both their username as well, but with the email you should be able to recover them via the admin portal list.

    Also the reset password flow works, we have checked it 
    The first screenshot on this was the successful login we had after resetting the password.

    If you are still facing issues with this, log a new ticket in support and kindly tag me on it as well with my email below.


  • Seasoned

    I've also found that if you set your primary domain as a custom domain but it doesn't have an SSL certificate, then your vendors will not be able to login to your website at all. I had this issue and customer support was no help. I emailed them 4 times and got no response.


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