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The admin should get more notifications about the markeptlace actions



  • Lizz

    I vote for this! 

    Is imperative to be able to control the quality of our sellers and buyers otherwise they will trash the marketplace with dirty pictures and bad content.

    All online business have to go through an approval process for new accounts before they can be accepted and post online.


  • elizabeth salas

    I need this too. I am currently facing new sellers putting pictures that go against the culture of my marketplace. This can really affect the nature of my business. I am considering transferring my data to another marketplace like Sharetribe because they do offer the notifications of new accounts.

  • Camila Kaul

    I was surprise this is not being offered, these days all companies have this feature as part of the security process. Practically anywhere I signed up has to approve an account first.  I know other marketplaces do offer this as standard. I vote they implement it.

  • Petre Cocos

    I vote for this too!

  • AnaLizzPardo

    I vote too!


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