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One item linked to different categories.




  • Official comment
    Arcadier Support

    We are working on getting this up soon. Thank you for upvoting this!

  • Youluckyfellow

    Agreed. This absolutely has to be added, perhaps as a Checkbox. A listing could apply to more than 1 category.

  • Kelly

    I also agree and really need a listing to link to many different categories. Arcadier, are you considering this change in your pipeline?

  • Scott Hugh

    I think a workaround is to list the listing 2 times under different categories. It's not very scalable but if we're managing the listings our selves it would be easy to do. 



  • michael

    I would like to avoid workarounds, but thanks for the tip

  • Youluckyfellow

    Is there any update on this request?

  • Arcadier Support

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for the feedback. At present, items can only be parked under 1 category, but the workaround for your consideration is to use custom fields to tag 1 item to multiple classifications.

    For instance, if you have 'black socks' as an item for sale, it could fall under the category of socks, but you can configure checkbox custom fields for merchants to mark 'black socks' as 'men's clothing' or 'women's clothing', or any other classifications. While they will not appear in multiple categories, they can be found using filters. Hope this helps for now.

    The suggestion you have raised is definitely a cool feature to have, and with your support and upvotes, we'll put it in future enhancement updates. Thank you!

  • Jacqui Hamlin

    agreed, this is a must have, one item under multiple categories.


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