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Review feature for rental marketplaces




  • Perrisha

    I agree! Word of mouth is the best advertisement. The ability to leave reviews is a must have for any marketplace.

  • Kamilyna J.

    I thought that was already possible right on the marketplace? I left a review on my own listing after I have tried to test-purchase it with another buyer account.

  • Thao


  • Leila

    I thought it was there too. Much to my disappointment it's not -- Arcadier PLEASE prioritize this + giving promos and discounts. These two features are essential for the start and success of any market place!

  • Arcadier Support

    Thank you for the feedback - Glad to share that Arcadier has a review function for buyers to place their reviews on items that they've bought or services they've been rendered. However, sellers would not be able to review buyers yet.

    Buyers simply have to click on the 'review' button after they've received the items / had the services rendered. See the red box below:

    The review will appear on the item itself! (See screenshot below)

     To vote for the feature to allow sellers to review buyers, please follow the link below!


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