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How to redirect to my custom domain without "www" in front



  • Martin Lukas

    You can try using the domain forwarding tool in your DNS provider. If they have one. It might be called different things from domain provider to domain provider.

    This is what I got from an Arcadier rep on Godaddy:

    Go to your Godaddy DNS settings

    Click on domain forwarding


    Fill in the details

    that's what they suggested for Godaddy though. Not so sure about the other domain providers, but a forwarding solution could work.


  • Kamilyna J.

    Under "forward to", you put the "www" in front of your domain? 

  • Natalie Wang

    Yes, that's correct. It works for me.

  • Charles

    Anyone have any suggestions on how this can work for me?


    I've contacted Arcadier on this and they advised me with an IP address to set the A record to but it's not working.


    My domain manager doesn't seem to have this DNS forwarding settings that I can make use of.


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