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Can someone tell me how to do live chat between me and people on my site?



  • Jia Jun

    I previously contacted them about this. Just to share, this is the workaround that they provided me with:

    Apologies, but a feature like this is not pre-integrated into our platform. However, this can be easily enabled with a 3rd party app and custom codes integration.

    Apps like Zendesk, Intercom and are such examples that could be easily integrated into your marketplace.

    For example, has a 100% free live chat feature with the Javascript codes provided here:


  • Natalie Wang

    I wanted to put this for my marketplace too! Do we just get the code from them (, Zendesk, etc) and then insert into the custom code box thing in the admin portal?

  • Jia Jun

    Yup, took a little while to get it set up but it works.

  • William Adebayo

    Just tried this. Thanks for the help Jia Jun!



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