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How to blockout timings for a certain hourly period for my listing?



  • Martin Lukas

    Right now, Arcadier doesn't have the blockout by hour, just by days.

    If you want certain irregular hours clocked reflected, and they are repeated across the week, your sellers can use the opening hours setting to set up the opening hours. You just have to set the 'Do you operate 24/7' to 'No.


    Once you've done this, you can then start putting the up the operating hours:

    The unfortunate thing is that you can't only blockout hours in the middle of the day in Arcadier, but irregular hours (as above) can be specified in the 'Schedule' part of uploading a listing.

    On to your second point: "Also, they sometimes get bookings off my system and might want to block out the listings for a certain period."

    If you are referring to blocking out an hourly/minute-based listing on a one-off basis, the only solution right now is for the seller to book the listing themselves on the platform.

  • Dame Sebastian

    This article was pretty helpful too but I was wondering about the same thing about hourly period blockout which wasn't really explained so thanks dude 

  • Youluckyfellow

    Hi Guys,

    I agree, this absolutely has to be added.

    A host may well accept bookings through another medium - email or phone call, and they will need to update the Calendar to reflect this new booking.

    Please, Please, Please can you add this functionality.



  • Rainer

    I'm looking for this functionality too


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