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Ability to prevent sellers/listers from using their email address as their 'Display Name'




  • Official comment
    Arcadier Support

    Thank you for the feedback! This will definitely enhance the strength of the platform, and we will keep you posted when the feature is ready.

    EDIT: This is now possible in our latest Jan 2019 feature release!

  • Tim Dorsey

    For any marketplace to be viable, other forms of contact outside of  the marketplace must be extremely limited. Also, all features must be constructed in such a way to facilitate process  and communication within the marketplace.  Marketplace owners should have the ability to filter out email address references from communication on the marketplace. This is Marketplace  101.  It's a bit scary that email addresses are allowed as display names or anywhere else because it means that the developers aren't avoiding "out of marketplace" transactions at all costs.  It needs to be much more of a priority!

  • Melissa

    I agree that it's a priority to limit leakage. To add to this request, it would be beneficial to have some sort of auto scanning for websites embedded within the marketplace item listed by the seller. At some point I won't be able to keep manually going through every listing to make sure that is not happening and that could impose a leakage risk.

  • Nathan B

    I agree, you don't want users to bypass your marketplace.

  • Arcadier Support

    Thanks for your feedback. This feature would definitely help to block users from exchanging contact details on something as obvious as the display name, and we're considering it.

    Right now, a workaround is that you can make this official in your site by stating it in your terms of services on your site that they aren't to share email addresses. While you can't crawl the site, you can do checks and you can enforce this by changing the display name of your sellers manually through the admin portal.

  • Nathan B

    Why not get rid of "display name" text box and only use the User's First Name?

  • Martin Lukas

    Hey Nathan, I think you can do that by changing the 'display name' to first name in edit text first.



  • SnapSquad (

    Not Just sellers, but Buyers too. 

    I can manually change sellers user names if they use an email by logging in as a user via the admin panel, but this is not possible to do for buyer accounts.


  • Michael Schneider

    it should not be possible for users to send messages or chat messages with any kind of mail adress, phone numbers & external links etc.

    hope you can integrate this feature very soon in your next releases. every big marketplaces uses such tools to prevent users to make their transactions somewhere else!

    best regards

  • Nico

    Agreed with Michael above.

    For example, Airbnb is using an algorithm that encodes with a message such as "NAME HIDDEN" any attempts to communicate through the internal chat module a website address, phone number, email, WhatsApp, Skype id and so on... It would be great to have a similar feature. 


  • Danny Z

    Any update on this and preventing the exchange of contact information from one party to the other? You can only remove seller's access if they share their information, but you can't remove a customer for sharing theirs


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