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Hiding the delivery segment for Services/Rentals marketplace




  • Official comment
    Arcadier Support

    Good news - we've placed this in our roadmap! Definitely going to build this simple but important feature into Arcadier. More news to follow.

  • Arcadier Support

    We're considering if this is something you'd like. You can upvote this feature if it's something you'd like to see! 

  • Nathan B

    yes, you need to give us the option to remove it. I'm playing with the freemium version to see if it'll work for me before I buy the paid version, but this is super redundant for space rentals. This will confuse my merchants and buyers, this will be a deal breaker for me to not upgrade to a paid version. 


  • Thao


  • Karina Ioffe

    Same for the service bookings: the delivery section is very confusing! We should be able to remove it in this template as well.

  • Nick S.

    I agree, we would like to have an ability to remove this feature via admin portal as for our portal we don't need delivery option.

  • Leila

    The whole delivery requirement is strange because I intentionally chose the "service" platform to avoid all that. Why would anyone ship a service? It doesn't make sense. For the service template the delivery option should be removed or at least be an option.

  • Mac Mabidilala

    Agreed, any idea when the change will be made?

  • Wyatt B

    Very important feature. 

  • SnapSquad (

    Any update on when this will be released Arcadier team?

  • Arcadier Support

    Hi SnapSquad, 

    At the moment, the tentative release date for this feature is in October 2018. Do note that this is just an estimated date of release and may be subject to changes. Have a great week everyone! 

  • Luke

    Hi Support,

    Just adding it here how important I think this feature is. I signed up for the platform and think the features are fantastic.

    I'm really grateful that this exists, but I am also struggling to reason launching my marketplace until this feature has been implemented as it will cause massive confusion with service providers and buyers. 

    For a services/ rental marketplace, the delivery/ pick up options do not make any sense, so it is surprising they were not already removed. I think this is a must have and not a feature request.

    Please keep us posted if this has been moved up in your roadmap.

  • Rainer

    Yes it's the deal breaker for me too. I'm in dilemma if I shd take the paid subscription because my customers are confused. Everything talks about buying and selling, buyers and sellers and this is bringing in a lot of confusion. I need this feature asap !!

  • Rainer

    Please launch this feature as soon as possible as mine is also a space rental marketplace.

  • David King

    This would also be great for the retail marketplace if you want to only allow static pick up locations for everyone.


  • David Ly

    Hi, how to hide the location of the service?


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