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    David Gerber

    I am a user of that pays $200 a month on the Growth plan of Arcadier.

    I have a custom domain and my Arcadier website works well on the custom domain.

    However, the blog add-on does not work on the custom domain but rather remains on the domain.

    The blog feature really is great but the fact that it won't transition to the custom domain of your website is total rubbish and makes this entire feature worth simply zero. 

    Customer service said there is nothing to do.

    I even offered to pay to have this fixed as a custom code request and they said they won't do it.

    So bottom line: This is rubbish. worth absolutely nothing. Very disappointing. 

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    Totally agree on this, David, I could understand this point for free trials or even for basic subscriptions (and not really here). 

    But having an accurate marketplace and a blog with this URL address it's simply a botched job that ruins a great part of the work. 

    Also translating the blog would be really necessary.

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