How can sellers/service providers specify their availability for bookings?




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    David Gerber

    So this means that the availability is per listing? 

    What if the same person has TWO different types of services and he creates listings for each of them with the same availability. If a booking is made with listing A at time X then on listing B time X will show as available? That doesn't make any sense... it's the same person/seller. 

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    Arcadier Support

    Hi David,

    Yes! Our availability is per listing, this is to provide the most flexibility for our admins with different use cases. For example, a music school (seller/merchant account) has multiple classrooms with different classes. 

    The use case you mentioned seems to be more for professional services (e.g. Fiverr) where a single seller can list multiple services and block out the same calendar. This experience is possible to replicate our platform through calendar integration. You will require access to APIs and coding knowledge to develop. 

    Please feel free to contact our customer support if you have any other queries! :)

    Rachael from the product marketing team

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